Asset Based Community Development

Anglicare Willochra and our partnering congregations are good neighbours within the local community, providing opportunities and space for belonging, social inclusion, and safe relationships. Asset Based Community Development recognises that local congregations are an important part of the community in which they are located, and as such can play an integral role in the building up of the surrounding community. We believe that successful social inclusion can only come from within the community. We are all on a journey to becoming fully human, and for this journey we need each other. By focusing on what we have together – our combined gifts and skills – we are able to create thriving communities where everyone belongs.

ABCD for Churches in 3 Minutes

A quick introduction to Asset Based Community Development and why it is important for churches.

Cormac Russell TedX

Cormac Russell introduces the basic philosophy, value and practice of Asset Based Community Development: If we want to help people in a way that does no harm to them in their capacities and their communities, then the best place to start with it with what is strong within them and within their communities, and not with what’s wrong.