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CSBC retreat September 2010

The Community of Ss. Barnabas and Cecilia is an Anglican Community firmly grounded in our tradition and yet desiring the unity for which Christ prayed, and offering a ministry of hospitality and welcome for all Christian people. The Community was formed in 1997 in this Diocese, and its dedication reflects the nature of our work— St. Barnabas was the ‘son of encouragement,’ and Cecilia is the patron saint of music.

Sister Jean receiving her licence from the Bishop to be a licence lay minister for the Wilochra Home for the Aged 

The aim of the Community has widened in recent times, to encourage people to deepen their relationship with God through a committed prayer life, and to develop the talents God has given them for ministry in the Church and in the wider community. Members may be male or female, single or married, and from any Christian denomination. Members may live in the community house or in their own homes, and take the three vows of simplicity, obedience and chastity.

Service of Profession - 12 September 2010

Picture above are: (from left to right) Sister Pauline Treloar, Brother John Edwards, Sister Sandra Sears, Bishop Garry, Father Bill Goodes (Chaplain), Brother Neville Stephenson, Brother Martyn Robinson, Sisters Jean Johnson, Sue Nirta, Sal Tatchell, Jeanne Frost, and Bev Driver.

CSBC quarterly Chapter

Over previous years, offering of workshops in music has been helpful in many places, and these are still available. There is a series of CDs available (see below) with ‘Hymns for Worship’, which comes with a booklet of words for congregational use, and the Southern Flinders Mass Setting, with keyboard and instrumental scores available.



One CD of 22 general hymns set out in suggested service order, i.e., Introit, Offertory and Post-Communion, with extras for Harvest Thanksgiving. Contains traditional and modern hymns, and includes a booklet of words which can be photocopied for the congregation.

Cost $20.00 plus postage  (GST incl)


One CD of 23 hymns and songs for Christmas and Epiphany set out in service order as above.

Cost $20.00 plus postage  (GST incl)


This CD contains the Southern Flinders Mass Setting, by Sister Sandra Sears. The text is from A Prayer Book for Australia

Cost $10.00 plus postage  (GST incl)

The CSBC Community House 17 Sixth St., Gladstone, S.A. 5473

The Community began its life in Jamestown in South Australia’s mid north, then after a year moved to Peterborough, an historic railway town 45 Kms away. In January, 2011, the community house moved again to Gladstone, which is more central to the Diocese and to the dispersed members. The Anglican Church Office and the Bishop’s residence are also in Gladstone.


Bishop Garry is pictured blessing the new chapel at the community house in Gladstone. Also pictured is the local church St Alban’s and the resident community dog Miffy.

Since 2005, several new members have been called to join the Community in its new dispersed formation. There are now men and women, lay and ordained, unmarried and married as members of CSBC, who are bound to a common life of prayer while continuing to live in their own homes, and are active in their own churches and social communities. Members gather (whenever possible) for a monthly communion and quarterly meetings, and conduct workshops, meetings and services encouraging and fostering all creative gifts as a means for people to express themselves before God in worship and prayer.

General Notes

While music is important, other gifts are welcomed and encouraged, so that true community can be achieved.  Our doors are open at any time to anyone who would wish to spend time with us, for retreats or just for a visit. Contact can be by mail, phone, or email