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Eco-Spirituality is small group ministry program situated in remote locations.  The program is open to people from all ages and denominations.
Located in the Flinders Ranges of northern South Australia, Eco-Spirituality programs are designed to encourage people on their journey as they encounter the God of Creation through specific themes.


To date people have attended with ages ranging from 18 to 89 and the level of activity based on the ability of the group. People from many denominations and throughout Australia have enjoyed the program throughout the years, with many returning and some making it an annual time break and time to reconnect.

eco4Each program includes simple accommodation (with beds, shower facilities, kitchen and dining area), food and a Spiritual Director to provide leadership in reflection, worship and for personal one to one interaction with participants as desired.  Many of the programs also include the company of Terry Krieg, retired geology teacher to help understand the geological story of this ancient land.

While it is hoped that participants will involve themselves fully in the program, there is certainly no compulsion to do so.  The facilitators appreciate that people come with different expectations and needs, and will do everything to ensure that these are met.

For more information, please contact Terry Krieg (08) 8682 1571 or email:
Please note that the cost of programmes include accommodation, food and facilities.

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