The Diocese of Willochra

- Bishop Jeremy James-

Our Willochra

Dear Friends

God or our dreaming, our future and our plans,

forever leading, forever moving on;

challenge our comfort, send us out into the world

To bring new hope to a dry and thirsty land. Revd Sr Sandra Sears CSBC


Welcome to the Diocese of Willochra webpage! We are the youngest diocese in the Australian Anglican Church , and one of the largest, stretching from the West Australian border to the Northern Territory and New South Wales borders.  


This webpage will introduce to the extraordinary people who make up this Christian family. The farming community, seafarers from Thevenard to Port Giles, miners, teachers, medics, retired pioneers, those who are newcomers, and those who have grown up here. Aboriginal people have been here the longest. We are a collection of people who find our common cause in the story of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. We believe we are all made in the image of God, each unique and precious in our diversity.


What sustains us is the belief that God continues to shape our dreams, futures and plans so that we bring God’s Hope to this dry and thirsty land. 


Yours in Christ


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