The Diocese of Willochra is committed to the National Redress Scheme to provide an additional avenue for redress for those who have experienced abuse in the church. The Diocese was declared as a Participating Institution in the Scheme on 27 February 2019.

Persons wanting to make an application to the Scheme may do so at any time while the Scheme remains open.

Further information about the National Redress Scheme, including information on how to access advisory and support services, can be found here

Please note that the Diocese of Willochra continues to accept applications under its own redress scheme, called Healing Steps. Further information about Healing Steps is found here.

Direct Personal Response Facilitator

An important redress element in the National Redress Scheme is the opportunity for survivors to elect to have a Direct Personal Response (DPR) from the Institution.

Applicants who have Received and Accepted an Offer from the National Redress Scheme which includes their request for a DPR need to make contact with the Institution – in our case, the Anglican Diocese of Willochra – to start arranging the DPR.  

The role of the Independent DPR Facilitator is to assist applicants to determine their expectations and preferences for the DPR, including the preferred format, who or what type of person from the Diocese they would like to make the DPR, arrange a time and place and ensure expectations for the DPR are clearly understood by both the applicant and the Diocese.

The Independent Direct Personal Response Facilitator is Greg Rooney.  Greg’s contact details are:

Greg Rooney
Mediator & Arbitrator  
Mobile 0405 612 789