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Diocese of Willochra

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Media Release

South Australia and ACT urged to accept chaplaincy funding before deadline (87KB).pdf


Syria in Crisis Appeal (75KB).pdf

Diocesan Bushfire Support Appeal (182KB).pdf

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Welcome to the Diocese of Willochra website

We hope  that you will be able to spend a bit of time looking around our site. You will find all sorts of information about the life and ministry of our diocese as well as sermon outlines and prayer resources. Just click the "contents button".               

Willochra is an enormous Diocese, over 90% of South Australia, however we are numerically very small. There are about 80 little congregations spread throughout the Rural North and West of South Australia.                         

Our diocesan logo is “Little Tribe, Big Vision” and  we hope it says something about our life, mission and ministry. Although we are so small in number, we are big in hope and big in the conviction that we are called to share Christ’s mission and ministry to those around us. We hope you will come back and visit our site again soon. 

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